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Scott Vivian

Beast's Scott Vivian at the 2015 Almanac Dinner event hosted by Provisions Catering and Pass the Table in April.

Beast’s Scott Vivian at the 2015 Almanac Dinner event hosted by Provisions Catering and Pass the Table in April.

Artwork is a very personal thing. To me, a tattoo is a commitment to a permanent statement that’s an important part of self expression. It’s a way to make a powerful, unspoken first impression, and can even be the source of many stories.

Recently I bumped into Scott Vivian, co-owner of Beast Restaurant at the 2015 Almanac Dinner (for more, see the links below). We had a chance to chat briefly before the dinner started, just catching up on his many travels and participation in collaborative dinners over the last while. It was great to hear that there’s still many more exciting initiatives slated in the near future for Scott, including hosting one of Terroir‘s first dinner series* and being a part to Terroir Minneapolis.

While we were talking I also noticed some new tattoos on his knuckles. So I asked if he minded if I took a picture of them.** Before that, Scott shared a distinct, recent addition inked on his right forearm: his restaurant’s logo.

Scott had explained that in the early days, he and Rachelle, his wife and co-owner, had a limited budget for their restaurant’s sign. They had looked at fonts, and found that the graffiti font worked best for their logo, specifically in lowercase. That’s how Beast’s distinct logo was formed; it’s also the restaurant that this chef has made a name from and created a fan-base (which includes a man by the name of Anthony Bourdain, who would then bring his television show to Toronto. Links highlighted, below).

Then there were the prominent letters inscribed across his proximal phalanges. The ones that had first caught my attention.

Vivian's newest tattoos, a constant reminder.

Vivian’s newest tattoos, a constant reminder.

Sometimes all that’s needed is just that constant strive to keep doing what you’re doing. Maybe bigger. Maybe better. Always harder.


Gallery: Provisions Catering 2015 Almanac Dinner, supporting The Stop CFC with support by PassTheTable (April 2015)

Read about The Stop CFC, and in particular its President & CEO, Nick Saul, please refer to this blog post.

For more about Provisions Catering, this link.

For information about off-menu culinary experiences in the GTA via Pass The Table, check out the new app here.

My write up on Anthony Bourdain’s first impression of Toronto (and Scott Vivian) for Toronto LifeDespite some reservations, Toronto will appear on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations

Adrian Brijbassi‘s write up about Vivian for Huffington Post (June 2013): The Chef Who Got Anthony Bourdain to Layover in Toronto

Brijbassi also wrote about the effect of an influencer, like Bourdain, on a small business’, well, business for The Globe & Mail (May 2013): When Anthony Bourdain praises your food, you run with it

Andrew D’Cruz‘s summary of the episode for Toronto Life (December 2012): The Layover in Toronto: Anthony Bourdain’s favourite spots and best quips

* For information and tickets on the Terroir’s Dinner Series: Rock Stars – A celebration of Newfoundland on May 12, 2015 can be found here.

** For a stunning collection, do check out my friend Brilynn Ferguson‘s online portfolio: Industry Ink, where she documents the tattoos and stories from people in the Food & Drink industry. Such excellent work.

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Renée Suen is a food loving freelance writer and photographer based in Toronto. Her insatiable appetite, curiosity and camera are often found travelling around the world in search of memorable tastes and the stories behind the plate. In another life, she is a PhD candidate in Cardiovascular Sciences.


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