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Behind the Scenes at Taste of Toronto: Stories from the Chef’s Table

Taste of Toronto Chef's Table (image from Taste of Toronto)

Taste of Toronto Chef’s Table (image from Taste of Toronto)

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians, and those who are Canadians at heart.

Those familiar with the style of Narratives might be aware that there are always different approaches to stories. Sometimes through anecdotes or direct storytelling, others as art-forms or expressions, often times involving food (in one form or another). There’s also direct interaction. Which is my segue into an awesome opportunity for anyone who might be attending Taste of Toronto 2015 or interested in the Toronto Life hosted Chef’s Table at this year’s festival.

The four-day long international restaurant festival starts tonight, and will welcome food lovers and the food curious alike to a temporary culinary headquarters set up at Fort York National Historic Site. Here attendees can feast on almost signature 50 dishes from some of Toronto’s hottest chefs and restaurants, while checking out or sampling from over 70 artisan vendor’s wares. There’s also interactive sessions – from cooking classes and demos, beer and wine tastings, and opportunities to sit in intimate conversations with some of the city’s acclaimed or rising culinary stars.

I have the distinct pleasure of hosting the Friday afternoon session of Toronto Life’s Chef’s Table. It’s one of a number of chances guests have during the festival to get up close with notable chefs from at home and abroad. During these 30-minute, intimate sessions, we’ll explore the world of food, touching on current topics from sustainability to celebrity, all while learning about the chefs’ personal food journey. Attendees also have the chance to ask these culinary forces their questions during a Q&A session held after the discussion.

(The complete line up here: Toronto Life Chef’s Table)

I have the distinct honour of hosting the following conversations:

12:30pm – Chef Alvin Leung (3 Michelin-star chef of Hong Kong’s Bo Innovation, partner of R&D, MasterChef Canada judge) with Eric Chong (Master Chef Canada Season 1 winner and partner of R&D)

1:45pm – Chef Victor Barry (Chef-owner of Splendido, host of Dining INNvasion)

3:00pm – Chef Michael Bonacini (Partner of Oliver & BonaciniMasterChef Canada judge)

This post is a formal invitation to anyone interested in joining me on Friday, either at the event from the Chef’s Table tent located on the grounds’ northeast corner (just north of the Soldier’s Barracks between the Producer’s Market and Officer’s Quarters), or broadcasting live via Periscope (via my account: @rssuen).

Aside: I’ll be onsite for various commitments including event photography on Thursday night, and participating in Pilsner Urquell’s Keepers of the Craft session with chef host Grant van Gameren on Saturday. I will be also be broadcasting at various times during the weekend long celebration. If you see me, come say hi!

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About Renée Suen

Renée Suen is a food loving freelance writer and photographer based in Toronto. Her insatiable appetite, curiosity and camera are often found travelling around the world in search of memorable tastes and the stories behind the plate. In another life, she is a PhD candidate in Cardiovascular Sciences.


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