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Stories in Progress: Terroir 2015 – Pioneering Change & Chefs for Oceans

This week the Terroir Hospitality Industry Symposium, held its ninth event in Toronto. The gathering is an annual highlight that brings together innovative, creative and influential members from the hospitality industry, including chefs, restaurateurs, producers and purveyors, food and beverage experts, writers, and business leaders. The symposium doesn’t just educate – often including speakers who perform unconventional … Continue reading

Jeffrey Alford

Jeffrey Alford has done something I can never do. As much as I like exploring every nook and cranny – urban or countryside, I’m most comfortable when surrounded by the comforts and conveniences of a city. There’s roughing it, and then there’s leaving it all. Which is exactly what Alford had done. Known most for the cookbooks … Continue reading

Scott Vivian

Artwork is a very personal thing. To me, a tattoo is a commitment to a permanent statement that’s an important part of self expression. It’s a way to make a powerful, unspoken first impression, and can even be the source of many stories. Recently I bumped into Scott Vivian, co-owner of Beast Restaurant at the 2015 Almanac … Continue reading

Wayne Morris & Evelyn Wu

Canadian food is not just the amalgamation of different ethnicities, nationalities, and cultures that settled here over the past 400 years – it is the evolution of the food that these people brought over here, driven by their need to adapt to indigenous ingredients. – Evelyn Wu Morris, co-owner Boralia, a restaurant that opened Toronto last December … Continue reading

Homaro Cantu

We’re changing the way humans perceive food… My goal with this is to deliver food to the masses that are starving… We give them something that’s healthy, that has an indefinite shelf life, and that is supercheap to produce. – Homero Cantu (September 23, 1976 – April 14, 2015) was an American inventor, entrepreneur, and chef, known for … Continue reading

Lucinda Scala Quinn

I was on an extensive book tour and someone said, “You know this book should be in the psychology section and not necessarily the cookbook section.” I was taken aback, and I thought ‘oh, I think that’s a compliment,’ because in many ways it is about expressing this basic message for me, which is basically: … Continue reading

Ho Ho BBQ’s Jackie Wong

It took an international publication (Gourmet, RIP) and a New York-based writer* Francis Lam to tell me about a hole-in-the-wall Cantonese barbecue stalwart in Scarborough. Granted it was in Scarborough (and I’m not a native Torontonian), but any food lover who: 1) likes pork; 2) loves roast meat and especially crispy skin; and 3) appreciates … Continue reading

Han Brothers: Leemo & Leeto Han

Even though my brother’s not involved, HANMOTO comes from our names. The TO is Leeto; the MO is me.  – Leemo Han, chef-owner of Oddseoul, Hanmoto, and recently shuttered Swish by Han. Han’s menus are clever modern, American-influenced twists of familiar Korean and Japanese izakaya flavours. La Bête sketch on Hanmoto’s Instagram: La Bête Introducing on TorontoLife: Hanmoto, a Little Portugal izakaya … Continue reading

Diana Kennedy

Grande dame and world’s foremost authority on Mexican cuisine, Diana Kennedy, is an Order of the Aztec Eagle, prolific author on the subject, and a force like no other. Her dedication to the traditional flavours, cooking, and ingredients of her adopted country is inspiring; her energy and spunk contagious. To hear her talk about the … Continue reading

Nick Saul

We live in a very divided city. One in three kids live in poverty. 145,000 kids live in poverty. There are 118,000 Millionaires in Toronto. That’s one example of how we live in two worlds. When you live in two worlds, you don’t know one another’s stories, which is a big problem to me. Rexdale … Continue reading



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